Entry Aids

Entry Aids for Vendor Master Record

To create vendor master record in easier way, you can use existing vendor as a reference. The system copies some data from the reference as mentioned in copying rules..
The transfer depends on several factors:

  • The system copies only data that is not vendor specific.. The address and blocking indicators are never copied.
  • Transfer of reference data depends on the data you have already entered for your vendor. Generally, maintained data is not overwritten by the reference data 
           - If you have created general data only company data is transferred. For which you need to specify                       company code. 
           - If you have not created general data, the system transfers only language and country from the reference data
  • In addition, you should specify areas transferred from the reference. 
Entry Aids for Material Master Record

  1. Settings: Many presetting can be used 
  2. Reference Material: You can copy material from reference material master record
  3. Profiles: Two profiles can be created MRP Profile and Forecast profiles
  4. Collective entry of storage location data:
  5. Mass Maintenance 

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