SAP Certification Questions Based on Experience

Q1. What are the MRP areas relevant for Planning?
                    One Plant
                  One subcontractor
                  Many Storage Locations

Q2. Where do you set MRP profile in Material Master?
                   Organizational Dialog Box
                  MRP view

Q3. How  will you release PR?
                Individual & Collective

Q5. What is necessary for Non valuated material?
        Account Assignment

Q6. What are the key source data for Quota Arrangement?
                  Purchasing Info Record
                 Contract with Item Number

Q7. You have an advertising material, which is valuated and has valuation class. Valuation class and other details you have entered wrong. 
You have to reset the data in the material master. 
What do you need to do?

               Change the material Type

Q8. What do you need to do so that you ensure that vendor who is consignment vendor is selected as automatic source in MRP (PR)?

               Select consignment as special procurement type in the material master                                (MRP 1 View)

Q9. Consider the situation below:
      PO: 100 nos @rs. 10, GR 70 pcs, invoice 100 nos. 
      What do you need to prevent it from blocking?

              Park & save
               Invoice Reduction

Q10. What can you do for an account assignment?

               You can define G/L accounts to which postings to be made
               Field Control
               Specifies automatic account posting

Q11. What can you do for an item category?
                Whether item are possible without material number
                Whether items can or must contain an account assignment
                 Whether GR can or must be posted for an item
                 Whether invoice receipt is possible or necessary for an item

Q12. What is the most important feature of vendor consignment?

              Non valuated, No invoice

Q13. You can issue stock from unrestricted use for what all?
               Profit Center
               Work Center
               Project Center (WBS element)
               Production Center

Q14. Solution Manager is?

               A stand Alone System

Q15. ERP Portal/ Solution Manager Portal is what?

              Application Platform Support J2EE & ABAP in single environment using WBAS

Q16. What can you do for recount?

               Do a recount, insert in the same PI document & post it

Q17. What are the details in the header/ detail level of PI?
                Plant & storage Location
                Date on which count is to be entered
                 Materials to be counted
                       -          Batches to be counted
                       -          Partial Stock to be counted
               Stock types to be counted
               Status of the item
               Status of the PI document

Q18. What does account group control?
               Number ranges of the document
               Field status of the master record

Q19. There is a stock material which is valuated. There is account assignment mentioned in its PO. What are the two postings affected when you post GR?

              Consumption account: Debit
              GR/ IR account: Credit

Q20. What rule is covered/ governed/ applicable by transaction key “BSX”?
          Posting Key
                Debit/ credit, Valuation Change, Material Change

Q21. What can you change in a material document?

               Item line Text

Q22. How many catalogues can you use in PR?


Q24. You can release stock for scrapping from which stocks?

                Unrestricted Use Stock
                 QI Stock
                 Blocked Stock

Q25. There is a material in transit, which gets damaged. What is the way to post it?
         You can post reversal and scrap it at issuing
         You can post put away at receiving location and scrap it there

Q26. What are the good movements related to valuation?

                Stock Transfer from Consignment
                Stock Transfer between Plant

Q27. What is the key point when you post material to material stock transfer?

               Both should have same base unit of measure

Q28. Additional freight invoice is entered as what?

                Subsequent debit/ credit

Q30. What are the two value tolerances you can post in inventory document?

               Maximum Postable difference amount for each PI document
               Maximum Postable difference amount for each PI document item

Q31. What are the customizing checks for the duplicate invoice?

               Duplicate invoice check indicator must be set for vendor master record
              Reference Document
              Document Date
             Company Code

Q32. Where is the regular vendor set in purchasing info record?

               Client Level
Q33. Where/ which are the areas where you set data that is different from purchasing group data?

              Vendor Subrange

Q34. What is the level at which value/ stock updates are done?

               Company Code
               Valuation Area

Q35. What are the details you see in the PO structure of MIRO?

              PO history at PO item from item overview

Q36. What are the items/ lists that you see in the PO documents of the MIGO screen?
       Referenced PO documents

Q37. Where can you see who created PR
                 Contact Peron tab in item details

Q 38. What happens when you post GR?

                Buyer gets notification
                Label can  be printed
                MRP controller gets notification for over & under deliveries
                PO history updated
                MM document and Accounting Doc ( if applicable) created

Q39. What are the things you can do in customization of Movement Type?

               Shelf life expiration date check
               Automatic Creation of Storage location data
               Automatic generation of PO at the time of GR
              Stock Determination
               Dynamic Availability Check
               Field Selection

Q40. Document Type for Accounting controls?

               Posting invoices Gross/ Net
                Number Range... Number Interval
               Account Types

Q41. What can you define / is necessary when posting unpaid freight in customization?

                Split it in between stocks
                 You can post it to separate G/L account

Q43. What comprises of warehouse stock in MRP during re order point?

                Warehouse Stock + On order Stock

Q44.  Which document type has only  time independent conditions?
Q45. What does movement type control?

               Updating Qty fields
               Updating stock & consumption accounts (Which Accounts to be posted)                                  Determining Screen structure of document entry i.e. field selection
              Type of Procurement ( Internal/ External)i.e. whether the material to be procured
              Stock update to take place on quantity or value basis

Q46. Help Desk Service Features in solution manager:
         A Message Handling Process
               A Customer Solution Database
               SAP Notes Management
               Solution Manager Diagnostic

Q47. If you want to create PR with consignment indicator in planning run, what you need to do?

              Attach it as a source of supply for PR mentioning special procurement type     “Conignment”

           Mark as MRP relevant

Q48. Invoice can be entered w.r.t. What?

               Delivery Note

Q49. Customizing Settings for MvT:

               Mvt Short Text
               Help Text
              Allowed Xn
              Field Selection
              Posting Control
              Account Modification
              Reverse/ follow on Documents
              Reason for Movement
               Deactivate QM inspect procedure
             Statistics group LIS

Q50. Collective number use in RFQ:

              Quotation comparison

Q51. If you are creating PO for foreign vendor, at what language the PO will be printed?

              VMR setting language

Q52. Can we make PO of rejected quotations?

Q53. In which case G/L Account Maintenance?

        Quantity Variance

Q54. What are the profiles that you can set in material master?

               MRP profile
               Forecast Profile

Q55. Stochastic Block Example:

Q56. How to create consignment PR?

               Define special procurement key consignment in MRP2 view of material
              Create consignment info record, create outline agreement for the same, maintain    that agreement in the source list, & maintain it to MRP relevant

Q58. Aids to create Material Master:
            Reference Material
            Collective Entry
            Storage Location Data
            Mass Maintenance

Q59. At which organizational level can you change the material status?

        Plant Level
              Cross Plant Level

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