Invoice Entry - Basics

Lesson 3: Invoice Entry : Basics

Logistics invoice verification is a part of Material Management (MM). You can use it to enter invoices and credit memos and check their arithmetical correctness. The systems updates the saved data in materials management and financial accounting, as a result two documents are  created:
  1. Invoice Document
  2. Accounting Document

Where possible, invoices should be posted w.r.t. a purchase order. This has advantage that the system suggests the order prices from the PO document, and goods receipt quantities from the GR documents relating to the purchase order.

You can refer to the following documents while creating invoice :
  1. Purchase order No.
  2. Delivery Note number
  3. Bill of lading number
The default items coming from the reference documents, can be overwritten. The system checks whether these values are allowed. In doing so, it may issue warning or error message.
  • Invoice Entry Transaction (MIRO)
Invoice entry transaction(MIRO) is a single screen transaction The screen is divided into the following screen areas:
  1. Transaction: You indicate whether you are entering invoice, a credit memo, or a subsequent debit or credit
  2. Header Data: 
  3. Assignment
  4. Invoice Items
  5. Vendor Data
  6. Balance
  7. PO Structure
* There are OK indicator on invoice entry screen, but note here that it is different from that of item OK indicator in goods receipt

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