SAP MM certification

1. Think all the way, do you really need SAP certification..

      It is important to have at least two years of domain experience. If you are currently working in SAP area, first check it out whether your company will sponsor you .

2. SAP MM Training.                                
      Once you have decided to be SAP certified, the next thing comes into your mind is how to take training? In some countries, SAP training is mandatory with their business partners. But, in other countries you can contact directly to SAP and learn SAP at your own.                                
  In case of institutional training, it is very important to choose most appropriate training center. You should check placement history of the institute, what benefits they provide. Moreover, you should contact ex-students of that institute for the real feedback.          
      Another decision point is training type: ILT (Class room Training) or OLT( On line Training). ILT training i of duration 20 to 30 days but OLT will give you time of 6 months

3. Prepare as per the weighting per topics given in the syllabus of the test (please see "Sources and Citations" section)

      As you join SAP course you will receive welcome e-mail from SAP. This e-mail will contain importance given to per topic in your syllabus. This is distributed as:
      + = <8%
      ++ = 8-12%
      +++ = >12%

4. Be very confident on sure shot questions from the topics like

 All determination rules – plant, material, pricing procedure, picking     location, route, shipping point, tax, item category, account determination, etc.

5. Go through the screens, transaction level screens like purchase order, inventory, invoice verification, MRP, physical inventory, even standard reports etc

check what is possible and what is not possible at each docs. What is     defined at header and what is at item. Go through the menu path of each docs and check what all is possible and from where it is coming.

6. Go through all the masters like vendor, purchasing info record, material, condition records for price, output, etc. Check what is defined at what level, what all is possible etc.
Check entire IMG – MM related, it will help you to understand what is defined at what level etc.
          Perform all the exercises specified in the book at least 3 times

7. Examination:

Examination will contain 80 questions and time allotted will be 180 min.
Use of elimination technique is very useful to reach most accurate question. You will be given right number of choices in the bracket provided after each question for multiple answer type. The exam will also contain single answer type questions (True/False).

8. In the exam, pay special attention to the way the questions are worded - particularly with the words like can, only, always, may, except.

             Read each question very carefully. The statements in the exam will     always be confusing, so think logically and holistically before choosing an answer.

9. Don’t take any chance in preparation but always stick to core basics, they will not ask configuration, but they will ask you what is possible and what is not and where it is defined.
Last but not the least, have confidence
           Prepare well, you will definitely succeed. 


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